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It happens all the time…

You’re thousands of miles away when a wildfire threatens your neighborhood or a raging storm causes serious damage. Or perhaps you’re home when the water heater explodes, the sump pump malfunctions, the furnace fails in the middle of winter or the air conditioning system burns out during a heat wave.

You can call on AB Estate Management at any time, day or night, to handle a wide range of sudden equipment failures and emergency situations. Our prompt response has saved our clients thousands of dollars in repairs and the aggravation of finding the right person for the job in a time of crisis.

The need for our 24-hour problem resolution services was evident during a recent period of heavy rains. When several of our absentee clients’ homes experienced extensive flooding and power failures, our staff spent an entire weekend mitigating the most immediate dire situations, and the following weeks lining up contractors to remedy the flood damage. Every estate owner was extremely grateful.