Vendor Selection & Oversight

We choose the best service providers for your specific needs

Remodeling? Rebuilding?

Whether you’re remodeling a room or building a new addition, it’s not easy finding the right contractors who can do the most dependable job. With a licensed contractor as the owner, AB Estate Management is uniquely qualified to guide you through this process, or handle it for you, every step of the way through completion of the project!

Although we are familiar with many of the service providers in the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas, we are not beholden financially to any of them. This means we will assist you to choose the best contractors and vendors based only on merit, reputation and suitability for your specific needs and budget.

Once the work commences, we are on hand to oversee and manage the project, ensuring that the workmanship is up to high standards, monitoring the presence of workers in your home, resolving time-consuming billing and scheduling disagreements, and keeping the construction details on track.

You’ll enjoy all of the benefits with none of the headaches!

You’ll enjoy all of the benefits with none of the headaches!

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Vendor Selection & Oversight

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